2NE1’s Park Bom and her trainer have revealed the truth behind her watermelon diet. Google “Park Bom” and you’ll probably find her name listed amongst tags such as “corn diet,” “lettuce diet,” or more recently, “watermelon diet.”

However, YG Family’s trainer, Hwang, has revealed that Bom eats more than just those three foods. During the June 26th episode of SBS “Inkigayo,” he mentioned that she had been eating a lot of watermelon rather than rice. The comment spread, and eventually became misinterpreted as “I only eat watermelon,” coining the term “watermelon diet.”

Hwang clarified the statement, explaining that watermelon is filling, and thus prevents overeating when ingested before a meal. “Park Bom did not only eat watermelon, but ate some before her meals. I don’t want people to be misinformed,” he said.

Park Bom lost weight due to a healthier diet, consisting of three meals and two snacks of corn and nuts. He also had Bom record her meals.

Source: Newsen