Park Bom has landed on the cover of TEN STAR Magazine! This bold pictorial showcased her gorgeous figure and stunning visuals that have fans swooning. She was also interviewed about both her solo career and 2NE1.


She began by sharing that the members try to meet each other as often as possible, although they are all busy with their solo careers. When they meet up, they usually take pictures and eat together. She revealed, “It’s usually CL or Dara who make an effort to keep in touch and bring us together.” 


When we get together, we talk a lot about reunion plans. But for now, it’s still a secret. Just know that behind every secret, there is something substantial hiding.

—Park Bom


Park Bom also recalled her appearance in Mnet‘s Queendom. She shared that she loved how hardworking all of the younger artists were.

I felt especially affectionate toward Oh My Girl‘s Hyojung. She seems like a good person and she acts with manners. She also seems passionate about music and is willing to try various things.

—Park Bom


Finally, she revealed the artist that she would most like to collaborate with. Ariana Grande! She said that she’s listening to her songs all the time and hopes to broaden her music into the American market.