Park Eun Seok was recently hit with an animal hoarding controversy when netizens questioned where his past pets went following his appearance on MBC‘s I Live Alone with his new dog, Molly.

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In light of fans’ obsession with Park Eun Seok’s baby golden retriever, some questioned where the past pets that were shown on social media went as they are now nowhere to be seen.

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Shortly after Park Eun Seok’s cousin’s clarification of his former poodle, Rosie, someone who claims to have been Park Eun Seok’s best friend for 15 years came to the actor’s defense on his fan cafe.

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Mr. A, who is supposedly Park Eun Seok’s former college classmate, stressed that some of the accusations are false.

Park Eun Seok didn’t raise a beagle or any dog during his college days. People are claiming that he brought his dogs to school and to shoots, but he wasn’t even at a place to raise dogs.

— Mr. A

Mr. A added that he had been over to Park Eun Seok’s house many times when they were in college and that no dog was to be seen.

When he lived alone in Wolpi-dong, he didn’t have any dog, let alone a beagle. Whoever said he had a beagle and then downsized to a smaller dog because of his girlfriend is lying.

— Mr. A

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Furthermore, Mr. A clarified that the story of how Park Eun Seok attempted to give his unvaccinated cat up for adoption with a cold attitude is untrue.

He was looking to find someone to adopt the cat, but that cat wasn’t his. He saved three kitties without a mother, so he was trying to find homes for them.

— Mr. A

Mr. A described Park Eun Seok to be a huge animal lover and gave an update on how his animals are doing now.

He trusted his animals with close friends and family, and he even visits them and shows me photos. Park Eun Seok knows that he should’ve taken responsibility for those animals forever, but due to his circumstances, he decided that it was best for them to be in good environments, and even I advised him to do so.

— Mr. A

Mr. A concluded that the claims made against Park Eun Seok’s treatment of animals were by someone who doesn’t actually know the actor personally.

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While Park Eun Seok’s agency denied the allegations, Park Eun Seok took to his Instagram to apologize for his wrongdoings.