Kakao TV‘s official YouTube channel revealed the truthful story told by actress, Park Ha Sun regarding what she went through as a married actress with children.


In a chat with Kim Eana, Park Ha Sun expressed the difficulty of being a mother.

They’re beautiful, but there’s nothing harder than infant care.

— Park Ha Sun


She then shared that she finally realized the value of working when she experienced a lull in her career after getting married and having children.

I took a break from work for 2 years after the dating rumors and another 2 years after getting married and having children.

— Park Ha Sun


But what’s shocking is the reason behind the 4-year gap in her career.

| @mintsungrace/Instagram

According to Park Ha Sun, she was rejected by directors for being married.

What upsets me even more is that even if they’re older people with older mindets, they say they only want to work with unmarried actresses when they’re married with children themselves. So I got pushed down the casting list for quite some time.

— Park Ha Sun


Despite the constant rejection, Park Ha Sun knows her true worth.

I’m still young and charming.

— Park Ha Sun


Park Ha Sun married actor Ryu Soo Young in 2017 and took a hiatus from her career.

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She’s currently starring in tvN‘s Birthcare Center.