Park Hae Jin and the “Cheese in the Trap” film staff will reportedly take time out of their busy schedule to vote as a group in the upcoming South Korean presidential election.

According to a source on April 24, all the actors in the “Cheese in the Trap” film as well as the production staff will head to early voting polls on May 4 in Gangwon Province.

The “Cheese in the Trap” film, based on the webtoon and drama of the same name, began filming on April 20. Due to the packed schedule, many of the actors and staff would have had trouble making it to the polls on the official voting day, May 9. However, Park Hae Jin, a firm believer in the importance of voting, discussed things with the staff and they decided they would arrange the filming so that the whole cast and crew could match schedules and go vote together. About 150 people are expected to attend.

Early voting is permitted around the nation for those who find themselves unable to make it to polls on election day. Early voting will take place from May 4 to 6 (6 a.m. to 6 p.m.) KST.

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