Park Hae Jin, famous for his charitable deeds, donated trees with his fans to help prevent desertification in China.

On April 4, his agency Mountain Movement Entertainment explained that his Chinese fans participated in a “Million Forest Program” and donated 520 trees to celebrate Park Hae Jin’s 11th debut anniversary. Upon seeing this news, Park Hae Jin donated 6,000 additional trees!

He expressed through his agency, “After hearing about my fans’ donations, I decided to join them. At a time like this when air pollution is of a serious concern, I hope movements like this will help improve environmental problems.”

Park Hae Jin’s fans are well-known for being just as philanthropic as he is. Every year, he volunteers to distribute briquettes to families in need, and following his example, fans in Korea donated to firefighters, while Thai fans have been donating school supplies to children in need for 10 years.

He also thanked his fans, saying, “‘Thank you’ is not enough to express my gratitude for my fans who have supported me for 11 years, but thank you very much. I believe it best to return your support with good acting, and I will continue to move forward with that thought in mind. I really cherish and love all of you, and I hope we will always walk on a smooth path. I will do my best to become an actor worth all of the support you have given me.”

Meanwhile, Park Hae Jin will star in JTBC’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Man to Man” as the versatile, multi-talented, and mysterious secret agent Kim Seol Woo. It will begin airing on April 21 following “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”

Park Hae Jin’s movie “Cheese in the Trap” will start filming on April 21 as well.

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