Park Hae Jin has gifted his friend, Chinese model Zhang Liang, with a bracelet to remember the tragedy of the April 2014 Sewol Ferry Disaster.

On April 12, Park Hae Jin released a video on his Weibo and other social media accounts entitled “Park Hae Jin – True Story No. 27.” In the video, he talks to Zhang Liang and other friends over lunch.

Zhang Liang and Park Hae Jin met when the model previously appeared in Park Hae Jin’s SBS drama “Doctor Stranger.” When asked how it feels to see Park Hae Jin for the first time in a while, Zhang Liang replies, “He looks cooler now than he did when I saw him before. And he seems to have lost weight.”

Park Hae Jin comes up and asks what he said, and Zhang Liang says with a laugh, “I said you look cooler!” Zhang Liang also says that Park Hae Jin gets more and more popular every year in China.

He’s then asked if he knows the meaning behind the yellow bracelet he’s wearing. Zhang Liang shows it off to the camera as Park Hae Jin watches, and explains, “Park Hae Jin gave this to me. Actually, we first met at a press conference for ‘Doctor Stranger.’ At that time, there was a terrible incident in Korea and so the atmosphere at the press conference was very heavy. It was a day that I haven’t forgotten.”

Park Hae Jin says, “I wear mine as well, and I gave it to him in the hope that he would remember.”

On April 16 of 2014, a ferry travelling from Incheon to Jeju Island capsized with 476 people onboard, including mostly high school students on a school trip. 304 passengers and crew members tragically perished as the ship sank.

Watch the video of Park Hae Jin and Zhang Liang below.

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