Actress Park Han Byul has cleared out her entire life in Seoul and moved with her family to Jeju Island following her husband Yoo In Suk‘s involvement in the infamous Burning Sun scandal.

박한별, 안방 극장으로 돌아온 '보그맘'

According to an exclusive report by Star News, Park Han Byul cleaned up all aspects of her life in Seoul and moved to Jeju Island with her husband and child. Park Han Byul’s acting career has been on hiatus since MBC drama Love in Sadness ended in April 2019, after the Burning Sun scandal blew up.

According to witnesses who spoke to Star News, Park Han Byul’s life on Jeju Island right now is peaceful. Although she suffered a lot due to her husband’s actions, she left Seoul and moved to Jeju to find a level of stability again. Because she completely cleaned up her life in Seoul prior to moving to Jeju Island, she is not expected to return as an actress any time soon.

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Yoo In Suk was involved in the Burning Sun Scandal as one of the main perpetrators, and is currently on trial for charges including embezzlement, prostitution solicitation, and violation of the Food and Sanitation Act.