On October 17, Park Han Byul wrote on her twitter, “This annoying gum infection. I’ve been dealing with it for months until I finally got a chance to remove it through surgery. Now I’m back on track, following my schedule even before the swelling goes away. For how long do I have to walk around with this uneven face? Please recommend me foods that are good for treating swellings, if you know any.” 

Her friend, model Lee Young Jin, responded also on twitter, “I’ve had gum infections in the past, too. It was miserable. It must hurt a lot. I hope you feel better soon.” Park Han Byul wrote back, “It hurts so much. And I can’t eat or smile or anything.” Upon hearing the news about Park Han Byul’s surgery, netizens commented, “How bad was it that you needed a surgery?” “Get well soon, Park Han Byul,” and “it must be from your hectic work schedule and exhaustion.”