Actress Park Han Byul recently uploaded a picture of herself crunching on some cheese balls to her Twitter page. Along with the picture, posted on March 8, she wrote, “Once these cheese balls pass through my lips, I can’t stop them from coming. I should quit (eating them), but I can’t.” In the pictures, she’s posing with a cheese ball in her mouth and giving the camera a cute expression. While I was thinking the same thing as Park Han Byul, it seems that some netizens were able to ignore their cheesy cravings and instead focused their attention on her striking eyes.

Netizens pointed out that her eyes look as large and round as the cheeseballs she had in her mouth. Their other comments included, “You look so cute eating those cheese balls,” “So innocent and cute,” “Your eyes are big,” and “Your skin looks so nice. I’m envious.” Park Han Byul is currently filming the MBN drama “Bolder by the Day.”