It has been reported that Park Han Byul received around nine million USD in just one week for her latest film, “Bi Xian II” (or “Bunshinsaba 2“).

After hitting theaters on July 17, the film reached a record high in the Chinese box office for horror films, bringing in about 1.8 million USD.

The Chinese media reported, “It is currently summer vacation season and there are about 20 films out in theaters. ‘Bi Xian II’ is playing in over 2,000 theaters and has taken the number one spot in sales. Korean director Ahn Byung Ki and actress Park Han Byul were the ones who set this record for the first time in Chinese horror film history.”

The media also praised Park Han Byul’s fluent Chinese in the film and introduced her as the first Korean actress to take the lead of a successful Chinese film.

Park Han Byul’s agency stated, “Park Han Byul felt very burdened at her Chinese lines and having to show her acting skills at the same time so she deeply thought about the casting call from Ahn Byung Ki in the beginning. Since she had to perfectly speak Chinese in the film, she even slept with her Chinese lines playing in the background. She really put a lot of effort into this film.”

Meanwhile, Park Han Byul is busy shooting over five advertisements and looking through her next project in Korea.

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