The poster for Park Han Byul’s latest work “Bunshinsaba 2,” a Chinese horror movie, was recently revealed.

Bunshinsaba 2

The poster design features a “death party,” meant to attract audiences with its shocking and morbid visuals. Six people lay dead in various positions with blood smears everywhere. All of the images are colored black and white, except for the red blood that stands out. In addition, the main character, played by Park Han Byul, does not appear anywhere on the poster, giving off a mysterious vibe. 

Viewers commented, “It really gives me goose bumps,” “Very shocking and horrific,” “I wonder if the movie will be as scary as this poster,” and “This is a bit appalling.”

The storyline revolves around a suicide and a series of horrible events that involve a group of friends. 

Director Ahn Byung Gi, who also directed “Phone” and “Bunshinsaba,” also leads this film. “Bunshinsaba 2” will open in theaters on July 16. It is expected to leave “stains of horror” to its viewers. 

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