Actress Park Han Byul has become more beautiful after undergoing Photoshop.

On April 5, Park Han Byul shared a Photoshopped selca picture on her Twitter with the caption: “Shooting for a summer catalog! Wearing 40 outfits today and tomorrow. Eh whew (sigh). I only wore 5 outfits. Let’s be strong! Aja aja! Photoshop’s functions are good. This is a fake face. You can’t tell huh?”

In the shared Photoshopped selca picture, the actress is displaying a perfect face. Her big eyes, high nose bridge, and cheerful expression gained interest.

Fand and netizens who came across Park Han Byul’s Photoshopped selca picture commented: “Park Han Byul looks more prettier Photoshopped,” “Park Han Byul is already a pretty face without the use of Photoshop. Pretty people are always the ones who desire for more,” and “Park Han Byul’s Photoshopped picture is a real ulzzang. Very pretty.”