Actress Park Han Byul’s lingerie photo shoot has been revealed.

Se7en’s Woman,” Park Han Byul revealed her gorgeous and sexy body for the April issue of fashion magazine, “CeCi,” in time for the spring season.

Park Han Byul has been picked as the top fashionista among celebrities for a long time. Many female fans pick Park Han Byul as the person they want to resemble. Park Han Byul is currently receiving attention for her semi-casual style in her new sitcom, “Bolder By The Day” as a cute, female soldier.

For this photo shoot, Park Han Byul sports a sexy office look, which has a subtle and natural sexiness. She sports outfits like a black pencil skirt with a leopard print jacket and a star-print brassiere, stone-washed skinny jeans with a clean-cut, white, power shoulder jacket and a white, lacy brassiere and others. The overall tone of the photo shoot portrays a sexy and smart career woman concept.

Check out the photos below!