Brand new SBS variety show “The Racer” aired its second episode on September 5.

During the broadcast, the cast members participated in a race with professional racer Jung Yeon Il.

Cast member Ryu Si Won expressed his confidence that no one would be able to break Jung Yeon Il’s time, promising, “If someone is able to outdo Jeong Yeon Il’s record, I will receive a ddakbam (a flick of the finger on the forehead) from Chu Sung Hoon.”

Park Hyung Sik

Jung Yeon Il did well as expected on the course but not as well as he usually would have as he struggled through a balloon obstacle. He clocked in at one minute and nine seconds.

When it was Park Hyung Sik‘s turn, he impressed everyone on set with his smooth and speedy driving. He was not even fazed by the balloon obstacle that tripped up Jung Yeon Il and broke the pro racer’s record by two seconds.

Park Hyung Sik2

Were you impressed by Park Hyung Sik’s driving on “The Racer”?

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