Lee Teuk’s sister Park In Young gathered a lot of attention for her two appearances on SBS “Strong Heart.” She did different dances that embarrassed her younger brother but always tried hard with passion. Now, it looks as if her hard work has paid off as she was picked up as a reporter for SBS’ “Night of TV Entertainment.”

Park In Young will be a part of the corner “Trending” for the show that will be broadcast on July 6th. There she will be focused on Jang Gi Ha and the Faces, a group that is the foci of Korea’s indie band mania.

Through her agency Park In Young said, “I am honored to be a new member of Night of TV Entertainment,” “I will be a reporter that quickly gives news about entertainment’s hot trends and issues.”

Currently Park In Young is also an Emcee on EBS’ English program, “Fly High” and “Ready Set Go!”

Source: Star News