For this week’s “SBS K-Pop Star” there was a surprising turn of events when the contestant Lee Seung Hoon received the highest score alongside of Park Ji Min. Also, the contestant that got dropped was Park Jae Hyung.

Lee Seung Hoon performed “Mother’s Dwen Jang Gook” by “Dynamic Duo.” JYP stated that he always had a wall in his heart, that the highest score he could give Lee Seung Hoon–because he cannot rap well or sing well–was 89. However, this time around he was given a 93 from JYP. Park Ji Min also scored the highest by performing “I’ll Be There” by “The Jackson Five.”

Park Jae Hyung performed “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” but he was not cast by any of the agencies, unfortunately. Park Jae Hyung said, “Through ‘SBS K-pop Star’ I learned how happy it was to be able to pursue your dreams. That is why I would like to thank the judges, fans, and family that have supported me.”

Lee Ha Yi and Michelle Lee were cast by JYP. Lee Seung Hoon and Park Ji Min were cast by YG. Last but not least, SM cast Baek Ah Yeon.

The following clip is Park Jae Hyung last week performance of “That Thing You Do”: