On March 31, Jay Park performed on “Immortal Song 2,” which is the second show featured on KBS 2TV’s “Freedom Saturdays” lineup. Arranging the song in his own style and musical flair, Jay performed legendary singer Patti Kim’s hit song, “Love is a Two Letter Word.”

Before the rendition of the classic song, Jay Park confidently addressed the audience, saying, “I’m going to show you some sexy dance moves and expressions.”

Blasting onto the stage with high energy, Jay performed a choreographed number with another female dancer which told the story of a couple in love. Mid-way into the performance, much to the delight of the female fans in the audience, Jaebum revealed his washboard abs, which triggered waves of excitement throughout the studio. Patti Kim, along with the other guests of the show, exclaimed with surprise and clapped to the beat of the song.

Patti Kim highly praised Jay Park: “You’re really cute…Park Jaebum was born to be a star. I’m now a fan!”

Jay’s performance received 390 votes, and overtook Sonya, who received 385 votes.

Watch his performance and judges’ scoring below!