For the first live broadcast of SBS “K-Pop StarLee Jung Mi was dropped. Another main highlight of the show was the continuing rivalry between Park Ji Min and Lee Ha Yi. The episode of SBS “K-Pop Star” for the previous week showed Park Ji Min losing to Lee Ha Yi and nearly getting dropped off the show. Because of that, it appeared like Park Ji Min performed this time around with guns ablaze.

The mission for the first live broadcast of “K-Pop Star” was to perform a 90s K-Pop classic.

Park Ji Min performed Jaurim’s “Hey Hey Hey” and she captivated the audience. She and Baek Ah Yeon had the highest score out of the contestants.

After Park Ji Min’s performance YG stated, “It looks like you came out after sharpening your knife. I was captivated throughout the performance. It was great.” BoA stated, “It was good to see you being lively and I am personally envious of your ability to sing those high notes so powerfully. JYP gave criticism but he also gave her praise saying “I think out of the ten contestants you are definitely the best at singing high notes in an open way.”