For the first time ever, Park Ji Min, a contestant on the popular SBS program “K-pop Star” received perfect scores of 100 from the judges.

On the episode of “K-pop Star” that aired on March 25, Park Ji Min sang “Over the Rainbow” from the originial soundtrack of “The Wizard of Oz.”

With her clean, powerful vocals, she swayed the audience. Park Jin Young, CEO and founder of JYP Entertainment, expressed his amazement at her performance by exclaiming, “Your singing style was transferred into the song so smoothly, and your rhythym and tuning was perfect. Very touching.” He gave her an almost perfect score of 99.

BoA, representing SM Entertainment, gave her a perfect score saying, “The combination of pitches and notes almost made me cry.” This was the first time that a perfect score was given on “K-pop Star.” With another 100 from YG, Park Ji Min scored 299 points out of a possible 300!

The other contestants, however, were not as fortunate. Lee Ha Yi, who sang “Still in Love,” was caught off tune, totalling 262 points. Michelle Lee scored 276 from Jennifer Hudson’s “One Night Only,” while Lee Seung Hoon scored 267 points. Baek Ah Yeon scored 255 points and Park Jae Hyung scored 260. Contestant Yoon Hyun Sang was eliminated.

The six remaining contestants were divided amongst the three judges, with 2 contestants per judge. BoA took Lee Ha Yi and Michelle Lee, Park Jin Young took Park Jae Hyung and Baek Ah Yeon, while Yang Hyun Suk took Lee Seung Hoon and Park Ji Min. The six remaining contestants will train with their judges for a week and then compete again next week for the top five. Good luck to everyone!

Check out Park Ji Min’s “Over the Rainbow.” What a performance!