Singer Park Ji Yoon revealed that she did not know that her biggest hit song, “Coming of Age” (Sung In Shik)  was such a racy song.

On the episode of “Strong Heart” that aired on March 20, Park Ji Yoon appeared as a guest and shared stories of her past. She said, “12 years ago, I met producer Park Jin Young and received the song, ‘Coming of Age.’ Eventually, I got the sexy image through this song.”

She continued, “At that time, I didn’t know that ‘Coming of Age’ was such a racy song. I listened to it again recently and it was so racy, I was shocked. I received much popularity after ‘Coming of Age’ but there were that many rumors and negative comments. So I ended up becoming really hurt and it was even up to the point where I didn’t want to live anymore.”

Check out the lyrics of “Coming of Age” and see for yourself!

Hey you, why are you hesitating?
I know you want me right now in front of you
I know what you want, what you’re waiting for, just come here
I’m not that little girl you used to know anymore, I’m a woman now
I’m thankful that you’ve waited for me
Now I’ll become a woman at your kiss

I’m not a little girl anymore
Don’t hesitate any longer
As much as you waited, I’ve waited for this day too
Give me twenty stems of roses so I can feel your love
As I wait for you, I close my eyes

Hey you, I want to give you permission to give me your love
Teach me how love is so sweet and fragrant
It was hard looking at you suffering and waiting
But now came the day where there is no reason to wait anymore