Returning to the small screen, singer-songwriter, Park Ji Yoon, is set to appear in “Goodbye Wife,” a romantic comedy, which will be airing on May 7 on the Channel A. Park Ji Yoon will be transforming herself into the bad-girl temptress character of “Oh Hyang Ki,” a woman with a troubled past and Ryu Shi Won’s character’s first love.

A still of the timeless beauty was released, which depicts a conflicting moment between Ryu Shi Won’s character, “Cha Seung Hyuk,” and Park Ji Yoon’s character. Cha Seung Hyuk helps Oh Hyang Ki back home after Hyang Ki finds herself in a difficult situation. However, Cha Seung Hyuk slowly realizes that in the moment that he is helping her, he has completely forgotten about his wife, “Kang Sun Ah,” played by actress Hong Soo Hyun. The drama also stars Julien Kang, who plays Park Ji Yoon’s love interest.

With her 8th album released just two months ago, Park Ji Yoon made headlines after appearing on Lee Mi Sook’s “Bad Scene,” where she spoke candidly about her experiences with JYPE. With all the unfounded rumors and immense pressures she endured as as one of K-pop’s first female idol stars, it seems that Park Ji Yoon is unafraid to put herself back into the spotlight and pursue her dreams.

Park Ji Yoon performing at Ryu Hee Yeol's Sketchbook