Following promotions with Wanna One, Park Jihoon showed his distinctive color by debuting as a solo artist in March with the title track “L.O.V.E” from his first mini-album O’Clock.

Park Jihoon has now finally debuted his official lightstick for everyone to behold. It’s a white gumball machine in light stick form with colored gumballs stamped with letters of his fan club MAY. The sweetness doesn’t end there.

park jihoon official light stick

There’s a massive heart in its center with two lines centered as if seeing it through a camera lens, hinting to his famous line, “Nae maeum soge jeojang,” or, “I’ll save you in my heart.”

park jihoon 1

Although he’s been focusing on attending university and acting, he never forgot about his MAYs. What do you think of the thoughtful light stick? Will you be pre-ordering one in the next few days?

park jihoon