On April 29, the epic rivalry between SBS “K-Pop Star” contestants Lee Ha Yi and Park Ji Min finally came to an end. Park Jimin won!

We reported that the “Korean Ilbo” criticized SBS “K-Pop Star” for ending the program with a pop song, and not a Korean one. Well, the two contestants actually sung two songs and Park Ji Min actually sang a K-Pop song. Park Ji Min sang, Lim Jeong Hee’sMusic Is My Life,” and Duffy’s “Mercy.” Lee Ha Yi sang, “Killing Me Softly,” and also Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”

The fact that Park Ji Min won was somewhat of a surprise because Lee Ha Yi was  #1 on the internet polls every week!

The other contestants of the show came on to perform amongst themselves and with BoA and JYP. It was the first time that JYP performed his new song, “It’s Only You.”

Now one big question remains, “Which agency will she sign a contract with?” Originally, she was supposed to choose to sign with SME, YGE, or JYPE. However, a representative stated that they thought “it was too much for her to choose an agency, which would dictate her future as a singer on the spot. She will choose to sign with an agency after having several meetings.” 

Which agency do you think best suits Park Ji Min’s style?