ITZY is truly a monster rookie group!

On the February 21 broadcast of “M Countdown,” JYP’s rookie group ITZY grabbed their first-ever music show win. This feat is impressive considering the fact that they achieved it within nine days of making their debut with “DALLA DALLA” on February 12.

In response, Park Jin Young took to his Instagram to personally congratulate ITZY on their big achievement. Along with a video of the group, Park Jin Young wrote, “Congratulations, guys!”

He continued, “However, I’m honestly a little worried that you guys are receiving such a huge amount of love from the beginning. Because a true star is determined based on how long they can maintain their attitude from debut, I hope that you will continue to shine.”

The video featured ITZY delivering their words of gratitude to Park Jin Young. The members say, “Producer [Park Jin Young], we won first place!” Lia adds, “We will continue to work hard, and as you always say, we will not forget to always be humble, dedicated, and truthful.”

Congratulations to ITZY!