On April 19, Park Jin Young (JYP) gave an update on his new single and also hinted at a possible 2PM album sometime in the summer.

Through his personal Twitter page, JYP wrote in English, “After finishing Wonder Girls US album, finally finished the Wonder Girls Korean 1st single! Also a quick surprise for 2PM fans this summer~!”

He continued, “Now back to artist mode. For my personal fans, releasing my duet song ‘Someone Else’ 22nd 0am and my 1st single ‘You’re the One’ 29th 0am!”

He didn’t further elaborate on his tweet, leaving many fans asking for more details. But he did mention in a separate tweet, which was written in Korean, that 2PM has prepared a surprise gift this summer prior to their new album release in the fall.

We’re not sure what exactly JYP and 2PM has in stock for us, but be sure to check back for more updates!