On November 4, the founder of JYP Entertainment, Park Jin Young, met with reporters in a café in Seoul and stated, “I don’t choose talented people; I only choose good and proper people.”

He continued, “There was one illegal instance in the last 20 years. It was Nickhun’s drunk-driving incident. Truthfully, rather than the income of our company, the artist’s respectable lifestyle is more important.”

Park Jin Young stated, “Our artists are not allowed to go to events that give out payment in the form of cash and they are not allowed to go to host(ess) bars. If you do, you’re fired.” He continued, “Our company can slowly become successful, but the process needs to be correct and honest.”

Park Jin Young celebrates his 20-year anniversary since his debut and has been creating number one hits every year since. He will serve as the chief curator for the “Milk Music Live Nation” concert, inviting singers who reached first place on the charts with the songs that he created.