Singers Yoon Sang, Zion.T, and Park Jin Young will be joining the team of “Infinity Challenge” for their 2015 music festival.

According to multiple broadcast insiders, the three singers are also part of this year’s music festival. They will be paired with an “Infinity Challenge” member to produce and perform a song together at the upcoming festival.

Previously, it was reported that G-Dragon, Taeyang, IU, and Hyukoh will also partake in this year’s festival.

The partner selection process will be done in a similar format as “King of the Mask Singer,” where the “Infinity Challenge” members will have no idea who the singers actually are.

“Infinity Challenge” Music Festival is a tradition that happens every two years that started in 2007. This year’s festival will be extra special, as the show will also celebrate it’s 10th anniversary.

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