After the fans rejoiced with the news of wherebouts of G.O.D.’s leader Park Joon Hyung. Now they got another great piece of news: the man himself has joined Facebook to stay close with his fans!

On August 3rd, he posted to announce his arrival on Facebook, “Hello Maaaaang! This is the REAL JOON PARK of god and this is my Official Facebook Fan Page! So if you see any others that are out there… they are not real~ You can come here to post pics, see info etc… So WELCOME! JeeeeeYeeeeeaaah!!!

He also uploaded photos from the set of Speed Racer movie in Berlin. He appeared as a cameo on “Speed Racer” as a Yakuza Driver. If you blinked you sure miss it, he appeared on the last 10 minutes of the 2008 movie.

Join in on the fun on his Facebook page!

He also give a hint for the possibility of the new album of god with the message “Aaaand the ULTIMATE NEXT CHAPTER… Sky Blue Balloons… god FAMILY… JeeeeeYeeeeaaahHHH!!!! Come On!!!” and posted a photo sky blue balloons (the color of god). 

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Source : Joon Park god Facebook