Actor Park Joong Hoon opened up about his journey to abstain from alcohol.

On February 11, the actor took to his personal Instagram to write about the process. He stated, “I thought long and hard about whether I should share something like this here. However, I am finding it hard to do this on my own, so I want to talk about it here and have reached out for professional help to not drink any alcohol this year.”

He went on to explain, “I’ve actually already started the process. My dependence on wine is too high. It’s not only affecting my health, but it is making me a very lazy person.” Park Joong Hoon ended on a lighter note as he joked, “Happy New Year, and to my loving drinking buddies! Please understand my decision. I’ll still join you for dinners. This is how I will live, even just for this year!”

Park Joong Hoon’s announcement has been met with support from people, especially as he was open about seeking professional help to help reach his goals.

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Top photo credits: Xportsnews.