Park Jung Hyun and Yoon Jong Shin’s picture of 10 years ago was revealed. On August 23rd an internet community revealed their picture titled “Park Jung Hyun and Yoon Jong Shin of 10 Years Ago.” Park Jung Hyun is smiling with her big smile. Her dyed hair catches the eye of anyone because it is so different from what she looks like now. Yoon Jong Shin also looks very different.

Fans that have seen the pic have said, “Wow, this picture…” You two look so good together. Your faces look the same.” “Park Jung Hyun you look so cute.” “You are the same as you were before.”

Park Jung Hyun and CCM’s Sohyang are working on a song together. This “Diva Project” is the brainchild of the producer Lee Jang. The song that the two singers will be singing together is “Mermaid Princess” which will also be produced by Lee Jang. Yoon Jong Shin will begin emceeing for the episode of “Survival: I Am a Singer” that will be broadcast on August 28th. But, unlike Lee So-Ra or Yoon Do Hyun he will not participate in the singing competition.