It’s LISMO time. SS501‘s Sexy Charisma is making one lady swoon in Japan…his co-star!

The singer and actor is currently in Japan filming a four episode mini drama for the au Listen Mobile service (an online music service for the cell phone brand “au” ). In the drama, he is paired with a lovely actress that he shares a quick kiss with. If you are curious about the kiss scene…you will have to wait like the rest of us! Today, the leading man tweeted images of himself on set with his pretend lady love. He stated they were working on phase 3. It was all “working time” and no play for the mobile music couple. Since we don’t have the infamous kiss scene, let your imagination run wild! Do you sense any special chemistry between the two stars? 

It’s couple time at the aquarium…..

Park Jung Min‘s personal script studying time!

Credit: @JungMin0403