Park Ki Woong has spoken up about the recent buzz involving Ailee and her comments about him.

On July 13, Park Ki Woong tweeted a support message about Ailee and her new album. However, Ailee appeared on broadcast and stated, “I have never met Park Ki Woong. After seeing articles on his support message, I was really surprised.”

This created a buzz among netizens, causing a dating rumor to start, which led Park Ki Woong to explain, “Ailee’s reps requested that I promote her album and make it seem like we are close. Afterwards, a lot of articles were published and as someone who gave help, I’m a bit flustered.”

It turns out that Park Ki Woong and Ailee’s manager are close friends, which is why Park Ki Woong tweeted his original message of support. Ailee didn’t know of this fact, which was why she made those comments on air.

Park Ki Woong continued, “Ailee called me herself and we talked out the misunderstanding,” and “But I really do support her! I like ‘U & I.’”

Soon afterwards, Ailee tweeted on July 20, “Senior Park Ki Woong~ Thank you so much. Thank you so much for understanding what happened between my mananger and I. I hope your upcoming album will be a great success. Fighting!”

Meanwhile, Ailee is finding great success with her latest single “U & I.” Also, Park Ki Woong will be releasing a mini-album on July 24.

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