On July 24, actor Park Ki Woong transformed into a singer and released his mini-album “You Are My Baby.”

In order to repay his fans for all the love they showed him for the past ten years since his debut, Park Ki Woong worked on his album with respected artists, Jung Yup, Eco Bridge and Younha.

In his title track “You Are My Baby,” Park Ki Woong wrote the lyrics himself, comparing his fans as his lover.

Previously, on July 23, he tweeted, “This is my gift for my fans. I hope my true heart gets delivered… The songs will be revealed on July 24 at noon.”

Fellow actor and “Secretly Greatly” co-star Lee Hyun Woo showed his support for the album.

On July 24, Lee Hyun Woo tweeted, “Ki Woong hyung’s album has been released and the songs are all daebak, so good. Hyung, why are you so perfect? My hyung is so awesome! I love you, hyung.”

Meanwhile, Park Ki Woong successfully held his fan meeting in Japan on July 20 and July 21.

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