Park Min Young has confirmed that she will be appearing on MBC’s new drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin” which will also star Song Seung Hun. Park Min Young will play the doctor “Yoo Mi Na” in the year 2012. She will also play the time slip character “Hong Young Rae.” The two characters will be similar in some aspects but different in others.

The character “Yoo Mi Na” will be very emotional, bright, and energetic. Her counterpart “Yoo Mi Na” will be more careful, have a stronger character, and also have motherly compassion.

“Time Slip Dr. Jin” will have its first broadcast on May 26. It is based on the Japanese manga “Jin” which was also made into a drama in Japan. The Korean drama will be about South Korea’s best doctor “Doctor Jin” transporting back to the Joseon period in the 1860s. The drama will be Song Seung Hun’s first time acting as a doctor. JYJ’s Jaejoong will also have a role in the drama.