Park Min Young gave an update to her eager fans with a selca photo on Twitter.

On October 11, the star actress tweeted, “I shouldn’t have eaten ramen noodles before going to bed…early morning in the train.” Alongside the message, Park Min Young shared a photo where she’s seen with her hands covering both sides of her cheeks, in an attempt to cover up the swollen face.

Netizens, however, rather seemed more frustrated by Park Min Young’s “swollen” comment, as she still looks as stunning as ever. With the little fedora and slightly bleached hair, she looks like she just jumped out of an anime show.

Some of the netizens commented, “What do you mean ‘swollen’?” “She looks adorable man,” and “Well, maybe if you didn’t get so many plastic surgeries…”

Meanwhile, Park Min Young recently wrapped up her latest drama, “Dr. Jin,” and is now taking a break from work.