Actress Park Min Young, with her new shorter hair, let people know what she is up to. On April 19, along with a photo, she wrote on her twitter, “This is Compagna‘s summer photo shoot! Today’s weather is so lovely and nice.”

In the picture, Park Min Young is in the middle of a shoot and is wearing a fancy, white sleeveless top. She is looking at the camera and smiling beautifully. She is showing off her vibrant self with her light brown hair that has a slight wave to it.

Recently, Park Min Young was cast as the female main character in the MBC drama, “Dr. Jin,” which will begin airing on May 26. “Dr. Jin” is based off of the Japanese comic with the same name. The drama is about how one of Korea’s top surgeons, Jin Hyuk, played by actor Song Seung Hun, who goes through various obstacles as he travels backwards in time. He starts from the present time, goes to 1860, and then all the way to Choson Period.

In the drama, Park Min Young plays two characters. One character is Yoo Mi Na, who is a skilled brain surgeon in the year 2012. The other character is Hong Young Lae, who is maiden of a nobleman’s house during the Choson Period.