Park Min Young will soon be taking on her first rom-com as the perfect secretary in “What’s Up With Secretary Kim?’

The tvN drama, which premieres on June 6, stars Park Seo Joon as a narcissistic boss and Park Min Young as his devoted secretary Kim Mi So.

“Like her name [miso is ‘smile’ in Korean], she is a character who is always smiling,” the actress said. “She’s like the colleague that you want to be friends with because she makes you feel good and is always energetic. Someone who is like a friend and an older sister. She is acknowledged as the perfect secretary at her work, but she has a human side to her.”

She continued, “There is a gap between my life as an actress and my ordinary life. At home, I don’t do makeup and put my hair up and wear pajamas. I like staying at home, and I tend to focus on work rather than relationships. Kim Mi So has a perfect image at work but I think her focus on her career rather than relationships is similar to myself.”

She also shared that she’d prepared for the role by reading the original works, from the novel to the webtoon, and put a lot of thought and effort into creating a good “office look” in terms of her character’s clothes.

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