Gorgeous actress Park Min Young transformed into a mermaid by wearing a nude dress. On July 6th, the lovely actress tweeted “Haha haha Min Young is just laughing. This photo was taken while interviewing for ‘Movie Week’ ^ㅡ^ Today is ‘City Hunter‘ airing night. Tomorrow is the premiere day of the movie ‘Cats’!”

In the photo, she is seen in low cut v-neck dress with intricate cubic detail, showing off her cleavage and sexy figure. Her long wavy hair is slightly covering her collarbones, while she is striking a cute pose by puckering her lips.  

Netizens showed various reactions such as, “Wow what a mermaid,” “Fascinating figure,” “Flawless,” “Sizzling dress,” “Godess.” Meanwhile, Park Min Young is enjoying huge popularity these days for her role “Kim Na Na” in “City Hunter.”