Once again, Park Min Young becomes the Queen of Advertisements after she agreed to become the main model for a smartphone brand.

Park Min Young is now the new face of one of the well-known smartphone brands called “Sony Ericsson.” She took off the innocent image that she had due to her dramas to transform into an actress with a more exceptional and provocative look than ever before.

Additionally, she is becoming more active in the world of advertisements by signing up to become the models
of various cable stations and other offline promotions.

An aquaintance of King Kong Entertainment, the company that promotes Park Min Young’s activities,
stated, “I’m very happy to hear that Park Min Young agreed to become the model of a competitive smartphone
company during the time when smartphones are becoming more accessible to the public – she will definitely
be a big help for this company due to her increasing popularity.”

Last year, Park Min Young appeared on KBS‘s “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and recently, SBS‘s “City Hunter” which were both a big hit. She will soon appear on another drama called, “Man of Honor” that will be broadcasted by KBS 2TV.