On the September 5 episode of MBC‘s Infinity Challenge,” Park Myung Soo visited Punta Arenas, Chile to deliver food for the delivery special of the show.

In this episode, Park Myung Soo told his client, Yoon Seo Ho that the ramen that he eats at Yoon Seo Ho’s store will be forever engraved in his mind. He turned to Yoon Seo Ho’s son and told him, “Let’s keep in touch.” In response, his son asked Park Myung Soo: how do I contact a star? Park Myung Soo humbly replied, “Am I a star?” but soon admitted, “Yea, I guess I’m a star.”

Meanwhile, Haha and Yoo Jae Suk made a heartbreaking and touching visit to displaced Korean nationals in Japan.

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