Comedian Park Myung Soo has made a significant donation to a worthy cause.

Snail of Love, a charity organization for the hearing impaired, stated, “Recently, Park Myung Soo covered all costs for a three-year-old child’s cochlear implant surgery.”

The child was deemed to have difficulty hearing at the age of one. As the head of the household of a family of six, it was difficult for her father to pay for her surgery. On top of that, his company went bankrupt, and their family suffered through a lot of hardships because of that. Therefore, he applied to receive support from Snail of Love, and his child was fortunately able to receive surgery due to Park Myung Soo’s generous donation.

The surgery was successful, and once her surgical wound is healed a month later, a receiver will be attached for her. From then on, she will be able to hear for the first time in her life.

Not only did Park Myung Soo pay for her surgery, but he also promised to pay for the costs of her language rehabilitation afterwards.

According to his agency, Park Myung Soo has paid for the surgery of three other people through this organization in the past. He regularly makes donations to other organizations as well. They said, “After hearing that there are many cases where a child who could be able to hear sounds through surgery is unable do so because of financial difficulties, he has been regularly donating to the cause.”

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Top photo credit: Xsportsnews