Park Myung Soo on July 18th appeared on the Radio Show “Date at 2, I am Yoon Do Hyun” and he talked about his recent hit with G-Dragon (Together they are GG) “Having an Affair.”

Park Myung Soo stated, “It would be a lie to say that we weren’t trying to gain popularity, however this song is in a genre that I really wanted to do, Electronic/Hip Hop.”

Park Myung Soo also said, “The electronic genre uses a lot of electronic sounds, I believe that G-Dragon is the only person that can keep making new sources of electronic. G-Dragon is very good at making this kind of music and this is the reason I really wanted to work with him. I even threatened him.

Park Myung Soo, “I observe G-Dragon and study him a lot. The next time I release an album I would like to take into consideration much of what I have learned. I am currently researching about singing style, concepts, and fashion. When G-Dragon raps he rolls the pronunciation. I am 18 years older than him and almost the age of a father to him. I think that he is the greatest musician in South Korea.

Source: Nate