Singer Park Myung Soo, more well known for his fixed appearances on variety shows, revealed confidently that he’s almost finished composing a song titled “Grasshopper’s World.”

On October 30, he disclosed on his tv segment “Park Myung Soo’s TV That Moves” his composition project and that he “wrote it with an electronic feel.”

As one of the fixed members on MBC’s hit variety program “Infinity Challenge,” he plans to share his finished composition on the program’s end-of-the-year stage. And if no one has already guessed, he created “Grasshopper’s World” with MC Yoo Jae Suk in mind because it’s MC Yoo’s nickname. He also plans to compose 6 other songs to be revealed on this stage. He commented, “I’m in the middle of working on the other members’ songs. I already have an outline for 2 songs already. It’s hard work. I have to sacrifice sleep on top of a busy schedule in order to work on this.”

Soompiers, it’s sweet that he’s using his “Infinity Challenge” buddies as muses for his compositions. What kind of lyrics do you think “Grasshoppers World” will have?