Comedienne Park Na Rae has made light of her failed attempt to get Jung Hae In to pay a visit to her famous “Na Rae Bar”!

At the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards on May 3, Park Na Rae mentioned Jung Hae In while presenting the award for Best Male TV Variety Star. The comedienne is known for hosting friends and celebrity guests at her in-home “Na Rae Bar,” a well-furnished hangout spot that she set up inside her house for the specific purpose of serving her houseguests food and drinks.

During the award ceremony, Park Na Rae jokingly remarked, “To be honest, the reason that I took special care [in dressing up] tonight was because it’s the perfect opportunity to invite a new VIP to Na Rae Bar. Last year, I tried to invite Park Bo Gum and failed.”

She then went on to reveal that her target for this year was none other than rising star Jung Hae In. Referring to his breakout role in the currently airing drama “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food,” Park Na Rae commented playfully, “You keep asking [co-star] Son Ye Jin to buy you food these days, but I’ll make you heaping bowlfuls of food. Just come to my house, to Na Rae Bar. You don’t have to bring anything; all you have to do is come.”

As Jung Hae In laughed shyly in response to her invitation, Park Na Rae said with a chuckle, “I don’t think my message got through at all.”

Her co-presenter for the show, fellow comedian Yang Se Hyung, then asked her to return to the award at hand and read the official list of nominees. However, Park Na Rae flustered him by suddenly asking, “Should I announce the winner, then?”

The next day, Park Na Rae joked about the incident on Instagram. Posting a selfie of herself with fellow comedienne Kim Sook, she wrote, “After I failed to get Jung Hae In to come to Na Rae Bar as a VIP, I was so shaken that I almost announced the award winner without even looking at the nominees. I’m sorry… I truly congratulate everyone on their awards!!! But Jung Hae In’s face was glowing…”

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