Park Shi Hoo has been cleared of charges made by his former agency’s CEO, putting an end to this gruesome legal battle of six long months.

On July 19, a message titled “Emergency Announcement” had been posted to Park Shi Hoo’s official fan club. It read, “Park Shi Hoo and his former agency’s legal battle has come to an end.” Mr. Hwang charged Park Shi Hoo of libel but after investigations, Park Shi Hoo has been cleared of all charges, which put an end to this case.

Park Shi Hoo was first charged with rape this past March by a celebrity-in-training, A. At the time, Park Shi Hoo sued A, her friend B and Mr. Hwang of slander, blackmail and defamation. To that, Mr. Hwang countersued Park Shi Hoo for false accusation.

Afterwards, Park Shi Hoo and A reached a mutual agreement and had charges dropped for both sides. Charges against Mr. Hwang were also withdrawn but Mr. Hwang revealed his intentions to continue his law suit against Park Shi Hoo. Mr. Hwang even submitted a mediation request to the Korean Entertainment Management Association for a solution.

Although this request is still undergoing at the moment, Park Shi Hoo has been cleared of all legal charges.

Meanwhile, Park Shi Hoo has stopped all activities and was last heard to have left a handwritten message for his fans.