Actor Park Shi Hoo successfully finished his first Japanese tour, proving himself as a rising Hallyu star. Park Shi Hoo visited Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo for “2012 Park Shi Hoo Fan Meeting Tour in Japan – Confession” on March 29, 31, and April 3. 

The fan meeting in Tokyo on April 3 garnered much attention as it also served as Park Shi Hoo’s birthday party. Despite poor weather conditions, Park Shi Hoo’s excited Japanese fans lined up in front of Tokyo Dome City Hall. Fans and fan meeting staffs together prepared a surprise birthday party for Park Shi Hoo, which put a huge smile on his face. 

Park Shi Hoo was very passionate in preparing for this day’s event. He participated in producing the overall event and prepared songs, performances, and previously unseen video footages as well as his cherished personal belongings and other gifts for the fans. After the fan meeting was over, some fans did not leave the concert hall immediately as they were overwhelmed. Park Shi Hoo approached these lucky fans and thanked them personally. 

Park Shi Hoo commented, “I am so honored to have my birthday celebrated with so many fans. This would be an unforgettable birthday. I would like to thank all the fans who came to my event. I will come back again with another drama, movie, or onstage performance. Thank you.”