Actor Park Shi Hoo will begin his Asian fan meeting tour in Japan. He will have a chance to meet his Japanese fans in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo on March 29, March 31, and April 3. Park Shi Hoo is preparing to present a series of special stages for these Japanese fan meetings. He will also have a chance to celebrate his birthday with fans on April 3.

Park Shi Hoo has not had a chance to meet his Japanese fans since the promotional event of “Prosecutor Princess” in 2010. Many Japanese fans are already excited for Park Shi Hoo’s upcoming visit and already purchased most of the pre-sales tickets for the fan meeting. Those who could not get a hold of tickets are continuously inquiring about additional ticket sales and fan meetings. A source stated that Park Shi Hoo is very grateful to have such welcoming fans and will express his gratitude personally at fan meetings. 

Previously when Park Shi Hoo visited Japan on February 21 for “Yumi Katsura 2012 Grand Collection in Tokyo,” a huge crowd of fans filled the airport lobby to welcome him. His popularity and presence surprised many Japanese show business industry officials. 

Following his Japanese fan meetings, Park Shi Hoo will have a chance to meet fans in other Asian countries like Taiwan and China.