On July 29, Park Shi Hoo wrote a heartfelt letter to his fans, revealing his deep thoughts and feelings about his overall situation.

He posted this letter on his fan cafe with the title, “2AM In America…”

The letter reads, “My pen feels heavy for trying to put all my complicated feelings for all this time into a single letter. It’s been over ten minutes since I have gripped this pen. How can I express this feeling of not being able to write a single word and hesitating?”

“First, I want to sincerely apologize for causing you all to worry. After the incident, as Park Pyung Ho and not Park Shi Hoo, it was even difficult to see my family, relatives and close aquiantances. It seemed like the world knew my face and everyone was saying bad things about me, which scared me,” it continued.

“What makes me feel even more burdened and breaks my heart is the guilt I have for scarring all of my fans who truly loved me and wondering if I could ever face you all ever again,” he said, expressing his sorry heart.

“However, I am gaining courage by seeing you all, who still stuck by me without change even after this incident,” he added. “Through this, I have lost many things but on the other hand, I was able to gain more and it helped me to realize many things. That you all believe and love me this much. It was so hard but because of your unchanging hearts, I was able to endure through it and you helped me to gain courage,” he explained.

Park Shi Hoo continued, “When you’re happy and when you’re sad, the first thing you think about is your family. You all are like that to me. Right after this case was over, the ones I wanted to run to and meet first, the ones I wanted to see were you all but because I couldn’t, I am writing to you like this. Words that I yelled out thousands and tens of thousands of times in my heart: thank you. With all of my heart, I thank you.”

“Because I have you all as my family, I am able to dream once again and prepare myself to go out to the world once again. I can’t tell you when that will be but I will definitely show you a stronger me, a more matured actor,” he said.

Finally, he wrote, “Just like the long and intense summer monsoon this year, a strong rain has fallen. But the earth hardens that much more after it overcomes the rain. When that time comes, I hope all of us can greet each other with smiles and bright faces. Until then, please continue to fill up my lacking spots, hold my hand when I try to go backwards, push me from behind when I’m climbing a steep road. Lastly, I want to apologize once again for causing great worry to you all. And thank you.”

Park Shi Hoo’s long and arduous legal battle with actress-in-training “A” has finally come to an end in May.