Actress Park Shi Yeon, who got married last November to Park Sang Hun, talked about her plans on having children. In a recent interview with Ilgan Sports, she mentioned how many kids she would like to have.

When asked about her baby plans, she stated, “Even before I got married, I always wanted to have seven kids. However, I think realistically that would be hard. Instead, I believe two or three would be enough.”

Park Shi Yeon, who has one older brother and one younger sister, knows a lot when it comes to having a loving family. She got to experience it herself while  growing up with her siblings. After getting married, Park Shi Yeon realized the importance of a family’s love even more. She wants to have a baby as soon as possible. Yet, she remarked, “Rather than making plans that put work first or having a baby first, I want it to happen naturally.”

She continued on by talking about the inaccurate information stated about her husband in the news. When she was getting married, stories about her husband being a stockbroker was released. Park Shi Yeon revealed, “He is not a stockbroker. My husband is an average employee at a small company.” She went on showing her exceptional love towards her husband during the interview. She noted, “My husband is caring and thoughtful. He even takes care of the trash on the weekends. Also, he believes in me.”

Park Shi Yeon got married last year on November 19 with her husband, who is four years older than her. They started dating in March of 2011 and got married after eight months. This all happened while she was filming for the upcoming movie, “The Scent,” which will be out on April 11.